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Re: Berries

i recently saw a yt video about keeping berries longer fresh.

Solution: bathe berries in a vinegar/water which removes some of the crap that makes them spoil

Never tried it since mine tend to disappear quickly :)

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Drywall blades will fit a box cutter type knife. They have a carbide material edge and stay sharp much longer than plain steel.

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I agree with the use of replaceable blades and am well pleased with my Outdoor Edge Sidewinder which is small enough to tuck into my jean's change pocket.

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A lot of people don't realize that Razor blades are a lot sharper than Utility blades. I prefer Razor blades and the inexpensive Project Source brand Utility Blade Holder. You can get one at Lowes for less than a dollar.

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I most especially liked the "Life Hack — Berry Jars" piece. Very good tip, there.

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Would Glass Food Storage Containers like https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Locking-14-Piece-Containers-BPA-Free/dp/B08BS7RYM8/ work as well for berries as the suggested Mason Jars?

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