I have always followed KK's links and I'm so glad I found your place. Have already forwardedd to friends who de would appreciate.

Many thanks!

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May 4, 2023Liked by Gareth Branwyn

I was pleased to get ready for my afternoon cup of coffee in the "TOYS! Reusable K Cups in the Shop" article.

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Can’t get enough of your tips! Please keep keeping us out here in LCD-Land informed! Where else can one find meta-analyses of movable part-organizing bin assemblages? 😆 I personally settled on nesting 12 of these HD versions (https://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-15-Compartment-Interlocking-Small-Parts-Organizer-in-Black-2-Pack-320034/204515485) as 3 tidy stacks of 4 interlocked units into an old used Tektronix Scopemobile Model B that I fell in love with. Two stacks fit perfectly below (slide in and out easily) and one stack sits on top with some surface to spare. Rolls anywhere I need parts and tucks away when I don’t. Rolling it out brings me joy.

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